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CLOSE YOUR EYES: Portraits of Maura

  After my sister Maura died unexpectedly in 1999 at the age of 46, our brother Harry wrote this song for her. It came to birth as a recording during the coronavirus pandemic. Maura Monson Foster May 9, 1953-July 28, 1999

A Tree, A Wedding and A Wound

Saturday There was a tree in the garden in Thurles. An ordinary tree it seemed to us in the winter but in Springtime it revealed itself, giving forth two different coloured blossoms - pink and yellow. We learned that the tree with the pink blossoms had been grafted onto the main tree with the yellow blossoms, the two becoming one. One trunk, two identities. It reminds me of a couple getting married. Such a couple came to the church today. A wedding in the time of covid-19 with fifteen guests, my first since before lockdown last year. And what a joy it was to feel and behold the love of this young couple. There was a moment in the ceremony when both were kneeling, leaning shoulder to shoulder, holding each other's hands, eyes closed in intent prayer and you could sense their lives merging in a new way, in the way of the sacrament. As time goes on they, like the tree, will become more and more one while each retains something of their own distinct identity. Something similar is the d