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LADY (In Memory of Meg)

She came as a gift one winter She for whom I prayed  When I was young Forty years of seeking Waiting   Then there She sat in a church  On a wet January evening  When the cold dark was deep  And all pervading We didn’t speak at first  Her solitude I respected  Her prayer And She respected mine But in that silence we became  Part of each other's Earthen essence Resounding Straining our ears Stretching our souls  Heavenwards Her eyes ablaze    The unspeakable beauty  That was in Her The liveliness of God She kissed my lips for Christmas And on my birthday She collapsed into the silence  That would never speak again Released  How she would burst out laughing And all the prayer she offered  And all the suffering she bore Carried her Home to Her heart's desire The love that she has yearned for That only God can give in the end _______________________________________________________________________________ THE SOLITARY LIFE OF A SINGLE WOMAN 


In the past I have identified with the stone jars of Cana but this time I feel them, feel that I am one of them – stone dry and empty. For weeks now I have been flat. Mostly because of Eugene, his sickness and death. Him, and the fact that he is the second one of us to die in the space of ten months.

MORE THAN A FEELING: In Loving Memory of Father Eugene Lynch SAC

More Than A Feeling is a song by American band Boston, a song I associate with Eugene from around 1976 and it hints at what stirs in my heart for him. It's much more than a feeling.