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Anger Surrenders to sadness Hurt To a softening sorrow For all that is lost To us The one who stays Away And those we love Who have kept us at bay We say nothing Like a lamb that is dumb Before the shearer As sadness and sorrow Surrender to silence Lest more be lost In the saying Yet gained again When we pray


Woman smiling In the back seat of a taxi Morning sunlight on her face A single Swan in flight Magnificent dazzling white Against the deep blue sky Moving in the grace Of a day without cloud Strain suspended Strolling friends Beside a city river Learning to part Before meeting Learning To let go To the One True Friend The blessedness Of Life in  mind A prayer for the broken Those of battered faces In our soul


There is a mountain That calls A place Not yet revealed Where solitude Speaks no more And thoughts are stilled Emotions calmed All argument surrendered All obligation ended No meetings to attend No deadlines to be met There will be No talk of God Of whom nothing Can be said The abiding Presence That seeks only My silence Trusting Without a word That HE IS Already now The summit of my soul Love unspoken Hope unwritten Faith fulfilled Forgiveness felt To this May I attend

I STARTED TO ATTEND: Moments of Absence and Surprise

  “…the moment I saw the brilliant, proud morning shine up over the deserts of Santa Fe, something stood still in my soul, and I started to attend. There was a certain magnificence in the high-up day, a certain eagle-like royalty…”  (DH Lawrence)   “You’re out early!” said a surprised James as he ran past me on the seafront. 7.17 on a beautiful, sunny morning. It’s not me at all, not like me to be out so early and this is the third morning in a row. I’m surprised by myself!!! And I was surprised to see a hawk-like bird on High Street as I was starting out on my walk. It was lifting off the footpath with a pigeon in its claws. Startled by my arrival, it dropped its prey, swooped down and dropped it again before perching on the roof of a house. Suddenly an intermingled flock of seagulls and pigeons went ballistic, circling round and round, flapping and screeching with all their might until the predator fled and the unfortunate prey lay dead on the ground. Surprises! Yesterday I took