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Love is common To every human heart There where God abides And God is Love Love Divine Love, the most common Form of prayer It is not taught It is simply there In every single soul Innate, God-given In the Sanctuary of Church and Garden and Every other place Inhabited Deserted If anything is to be taught About this prayer This Love It is that it be directed Towards God Finding its fulfilment In Him Love most common Most exalted By which one person Is united to the other And both and all United to God United in God Trinity in One In love is every prayer – Adoration Praise Gratitude The pleading of the beseeching Believer and not Love and prayer come to us We come to Love We come to God the Father In Christ In the Holy Spirit’s flaming Fire Wild wind and water Every elemental simple soul Infusing


Wind like the Holy Spirit Flaps about my head Tossing my hair Unruling my life The sun warm On my face Light of God In my soul Ever abiding Within Even When You seem To hide And my desire For You The fire is all But extinguished Still I know it is there For You are there Embedded like prophecy In my bones The very marrow  Of my bones Indelibly inscribed 

Harvest of Gratitude

  Harvest Mass. The children excitedly bring their gifts to the altar, gifts for the local food bank. They didn’t buy this food themselves but there is a generosity in their giving. The last little boy to approach is singing out the offertory hymn – “Here I am Lord!” – continues singing as he lays down his gift and as he walks back down the aisle with his Mum who seeks out his hand, but he refuses. He is independent in this moment. Confident.   The song is appropriate because it expresses the true nature of giving. The boy brings more than a tin of food, he brings himself. He is the gift.   I have shingles today, a pain that demands attention but the amazing grace of the Mass lifts me out of myself to be more than I am, to be what I cannot be when I otherwise succumb to the pain, the misery, and a bit of self-pity. The Mass always seems to change me somehow, giving me a confidence and an authority that I do not normally possess, and I can only conclude that it is a genuine experien