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PRAYER: The Atmosphere In Which I Live

  "I was always in your Presence; You were holding me by my right hand.  What else have I in heaven but you? Apart from you I want nothing on earth. My body and my heart faint for joy; God is my possession for ever.  To be near God is my happiness. I have made the Lord God my refuge."  (Psalm 73) Two images are uppermost in my mind today. Both are videos. One is a devoted priest with a fairly successful series on YouTube. His style strikes me as a bit stagey, is confrontational, sure of itself and somewhat accusatory, pointing the finger at us priests who he sees as being responsible for the state of the church in Ireland. Responsible because we are not praying enough. On this Easter Monday I think, “oh, give us a break.” It was recorded a couple of weeks ago but was sent to me yesterday as an Easter gift. I didn’t get beyond the first few minutes. Accusation has the reverse effect on me and makes me less able to do what is being asked of me. It may be my own psychological


  I’m thinking about the quest ion Jesus asked of those who came to arrest Him – “who are you looking for?” and the answer they gave is, “Jesus of Nazareth”, though they were looking for Him for all the wrong reasons. We are looking for Jesus. The whole of humanity and all of creation has been searching for Jesus down through the ages. This is the core purpose of our lives as Catholic Christians and St. John of the Cross compares this searching for Christ to the exploration of a mine that contains precious minerals. We enter into the cave of the mine and, when we reach a certain point, thinking that this is the end we discover a new turning that takes us down a new channel and the discovery of new riches goes on infinitely. In this world we are never finished discovering who Jesus is. As St. Paul says, now we see in a glass dimly, now our knowledge is imperfect but then in eternity we shall know as fully as we are known.” The women in the Gospel show us what the searching is like. Th