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The Space Between: Night of the Blood Wolf Moon

It’s something that won’t happen again for another twenty years – the Super Blood Wolf Moon , a total lunar eclipse. So, I went out shortly before 5.00am to have a look. On this morning with a heavy white frost – minus 6 according to the weather app - the sky was clear and sitting over the rooftops of High Street was the full red moon.   Neither as big nor as bright nor as red as I had thought but still this was it, a rare happening in the January sky. My attempts to photograph it were not that successful due to my shivering hands and not really knowing how to take photos at night, so I contented myself with walking and watching the wonderful sight. Went up West Hill where three photographers seemed to be getting it right and further from them, almost unseen but for the glow of her cigarette, sat a woman inadequately dressed on a frozen bench. I said good morning and headed down to the sea, then up the East Hill where I found myself standing in the space between the setting moo