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And Know Your Inmost Heart: Corpus Christi

  We held a Corpus Christ procession after the Saturday evening Mass. An experience that was beautiful, and joyful in ways that I would not have expected. I walked under the canopy carrying Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and He was my focus most of the way. By my side walked Deacon Duncan, singing his heart out and a line from one of the hymns registered strongly with me every time he sang it – “Truth itself speaks truly or there’s nothing true.” In the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist we encounter Truth in a very clear and liberating way and my favourite place of prayer is in front of the Tabernacle, mostly in the mornings where Truth reveals itself most in my inmost heart – “in the secret of my heart teach me…” (Psalm 51) The phrase “inmost heart” has come to me from various unconnected sources over the past week. It appears in the first reading Deuteronomy for the feast of Corpus Christi – the “remember” and “do not forget” that are central to the celebration of the Eucharist.

A Jumble of Mumble (Prayer)

Prayer is… A certain type of prayer is… A jumble of mumble In my head In my heart In my soul Like clothes in a tumble dryer Going from their spun-out dampness To a freshness fit for purpose Again, for a while It’s what Jesus does With all that we bring to Him In our sometimes fumbled, humble way. And peace returns Again, for a while Amen!


I believe in harmony I believe in kindness I believe in gentleness I believe in forgiving I believe in being forgiven At all times In every relationship And not just sometimes And not just with some Words that build up And not knock down I believe in Jesus The personification of all these I love Jesus who has loved first He who is Love I love You Jesus And I ask you to take me Into the very depths of my being Where You abide Into the deepest recesses Of Your most beautiful Sacred Heart Where I reside And seek to abide Where going inwards Meets with moving outwards Towards another Where falling and rising Embrace Where descending and ascending Are one in You Who are the wellspring Of salvation In whom I bathe And rise to live In heaven now Even while still on earth O my Jesus I love You so much More than I ever knew. "I am for peace but when I speak they are for fighting" (Psalm 120)