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In A Garden Secretly

Take the Master’s bowl and flour And bake this daily loaf Drink your coffee Eat your bread In the Garden of His Presence Secretly Christ Centre of the universe Holding all in being Dwelling in the Chapel of your soul Your feet bare upon the grass The simple honesty of it Adoration and surrender A daisy dancing in the breeze Gentle on your waking skin Morning sun dissolving dew And all that is false Melts away in the Truth Of a single Love-filled moment 

URBAN SHADE: The Stillness of Trust

  People are asking how I am now. Very well is the honest answer, though after some very bright and energetic days last week, I find myself flagging a bit, somewhat under par. It wasn’t so noticeable until I had to stand up in public and perform as it were for the first time since the procedure. Then it’s clear that I am rusty and have to dig deep. For the Feast of the Sacred Heart I took three short assemblies at the school, a great way of connecting with all the children and if I wasn’t on top of my game, they were wonderful. They don’t ask for much and give so generously. Their capacity for silence is astonishing. They asked about my heart and I thanked them for the fabulous video they sent me wishing me to get well, praying for me. We talked about all that’s in the Heart of Jesus, love and kindness being the most mentioned and some spoke of happiness or joy. They were amused when I said that God is so happy that He dances for joy. The idea seemed funny and made them laugh but i

Jordan Calling

It is a fearsome desire Static bristling nature By it I am enlivened Driven to pursue You To search because You Have called out to me Across inaccessible distances Unreachable in the flesh To be deprived of You Your ministry Is to die a desert thirst And so I come By the transport of this prayer And beg You then Immerse me In Your depths Caressing every aspect Of my being Ripples of Your river Smoothing out the stone Of my heart Expanding its capacity Drown me in Your Love Baptize me in Your purity Bathe the eyes of my soul That I may behold The wonder Of Your Beautiful Face In Spirit and In skin