The Cenacle of Our Time (A Prayer)

Eternal Father
You draw us to yourself
In Infinite Love and Mercy
That we may find
Our true selves
Our true Mission
In the Heart of Jesus.

Deliver us
From all that would rob us
Of this present moment
For now is the favourable time.
Heal our memories
And our anxieties

Bless us
Every single one of us
That we may abide with Mary
In the Cenacle of our time
And under the impulse of the Holy Spirit
Go forth as Missionary Disciples

To see the world as Christ sees
To understand as He understands
To love as He loves

We adore you profoundly
With all of Heaven
And the whole of Creation
In Jesus Name. Amen!


  1. I have been in what was believed to be the Upper Room (Cenacle) and often think of the invasion of Grace following the appearance of Our Resurrected Lord and what happened, just suddenly there, fear becoming fearlessness, so that the followers of the Way, now called Catholics started spreading the the Gospel, Good News, formerly the preserve of Roman Triumphs, world wide.

    On Holy Saturday night there was only one follower of the Way in that room - Our Lady.

    Now there are two billion followers of the Way and the Roman Empire, the greatest empire the world has ever known, is marble chips sixty feet under the ground.


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