Should have gone to Specsavers. Should go! And yesterday on the M6 I thought, "I should have taken the train!"

It was my plan to do exactly that - come home by train for the sheer pleasure, the pleasure of seeing Ballyloughan and Loughatalia as we neared Galway's Ceannt station, reminders of youthful homecomings and the excitement of it. More importantly in the present to be without a car so that I would really rest and not be running all over the place.

But in his kindness the Provincial offered me the use of a car. And I took it because it made it easy for me to visit a friend who is I'll in Dublin. That was the right thing to do.

Twingo is 10 years old and lively. She gives me the feeling of being a boy racer, another fantasy of youth! I've driven her before and she's not due a service for another 8,000 km. But by the time I reached the Athlone bypass seven lights had come on in the dash. Was I imagining that the steering was heavy? The indicator stopped working as did the speedometer and then somewhere near Cappataggle she slowed and died. Luckily I got her onto the hard shoulder.

Should have taken the train I thought and I actually laughed! Phoned my brother, sister and insurance. Evelyn had jump leads ready. She said, "you should have taken the train!" Tell me about it!

Har phoned a couple of mechanics, one of whom suggested I contact the insurance. Jane was very helpful and promised a tow truck in 60 to 90 minutes.

I got out of the car for the sake of safety. It's astonishing how the power of passing traffic makes her shudder. Hard shoulder accidents came to mind and, though it was cold outside, it felt safer. I prayed the rosary.

The truck arrived in about half an hour. He checked the engine and told me the alternator was gone. He would take her to a garage in Loughrea and dropped me off at the Supermac Plaza where Har was waiting.

Instead of going home to Mervue we went back to his place where Elaine had a lovely and generous dinner ready. Katie and Laura showered me with their delighted love, showing me their paintings, telling their news and playing their music. "It feels like three years since you were here" Katie said. And they have grown so much!

Har brought me home and lit the fire. Evelyn arrived and the three of us Sat together drinking tea and chatting in the place where we were brought up. Rose phoned and the circle was completed.

There's a reason for everything and maybe the reason for this is that I stay put, take it easy, be really still, be at home!


  1. Reminds me of a recent encounter with a tow truck when i should have put diesel in my car instead of petrol. When the truck finally came the driver said he was so busy " he was fit to busht "... Enjoy your stay in Galway.. ��

    1. 😄😄😄 I did the same a couple of years ago - put petrol in a diesel car. I was fit to busht myself!!!