The Call of Ezekiel
“I will make you a sign to them”

As certain as the snow
Falling in the dark
Before dawn that day

You are chosen
Before the world

I have 

Seen you 
Known you
Loved you

Made you a sign to them
Mirror of who they are
Though they may not observe
Though you do not understand 

Knowing yourself to be
The rubbish heap of the poor
Hating your own frailty

I have given you
The soft heart of my Son
To bleed and feel another’s pain

Embracing its helplessness
Descending to the depths of it

Ankle deep
Knee deep
Waist deep

Beyond the messy
Impossibility of it

To cry 

Tears of the child
Tears of Mercy

Clothed with Christ
Clothed with His people
Clothed in Mercy

This is who I created
You to be

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