That We May Be True (A Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Spirit)

Most loving
Holy Divine Spirit

Here I am

I am Yours
All Yours

Now in this moment

I worship You
And I love You

And I surrender my whole life
To You

That you may remove me
From myself

Take me out of the way
Of Your purpose, Your plan

And sweep me up
Into Yourself

To be as Your spouse
In Mary

Not knowing where
You will take me
Or how I will be

Heal my fear
Purify my anger
Vanquish my resistance

Seduce me!

Purge my soul of sin
By the Fire
Of Your Divine Love

Breathe the Breath
Of Your Peace
In me

Blow away the cobwebs
Of my mind

My judgements
My comparisons

Fashion me
Into the image of Jesus

That I may be
Wholly like Him

Let this be done in me
Let it be done in us

Your People
Your Church

That we may be
Neither liberal nor conservative
But True

True to You
And the gifts
That You have given

In the name of Jesus
To the Glory of God the Father
For the salvation of the world.


(The above came to me in prayer yesterday evening 14-05-2023 in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament)


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