"he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and pick from the tree of life too" (Genesis 3:22)

Multitudes made manifest
In the Presence of God
Millions of unborn martyred
Holy Souls whose blood
With that of Christ is shed
Making intercession for us
That we might be freed
From all the guilt by which
We are bitterly burdened
Brought low by the sins
Of their dying and lifted
Up by Mercy if we would
Acknowledge them

Theirs is the sorrow
That has turned to joy
Their kindness is our

May they intercede for all
Who will follow them and
For those who set them
On the path of martyrdom

And all the living innocent
Holy Souls who grace this earth
Desecrated so dispicably

May God be Saving Justice
And our Healing Peace
That we might turn again
In humble reverence
For Eden's most sacred

And touch it


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