MOTHERHOOD (The 13th Station)

Motherhood embraced me
The day I went away
We sobbed together

Held tight in time
And loss Her womb
Leaning in to me

As God might
In that place

Where life was borne
Delivered wrenched away
Again again again

Rachael weeping 
For her children 
Because they are no more 

What do you call
A mother whose child
Had died?

A short life in the womb
Four hours after birth
Two and four and ten years old?

I have never seen
Such sorrow or
Such dignity

Womanhood so steadfast and frail
The arms that ache to hold
The missing Child

Encompassing me
We drench each other's shoulder
Tears of grief

Mingled with relief
For life that swells
The womb once more

Pressing against my body

And born
A child is born
Amen Again Amen!

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